We value our customer's privacy.   If they choose to share their experiences on a public

"Review" site, we are thankful. We also understand and respect them if they choose to

keep where they store their belongings private.

We are most grateful for the over 35 years of "word of mouth" referrals we have enjoyed and have the opportunity to serve. When friends tell friends the word get around. Perhaps that is why we have so many repeat customers who tell their families and friends...and co-workers... and bosses...and get the idea.

Check out just some of our reviews below, as well as some of our testimonial letters on our home page. We look forward to helping You find the perfect size storage unit at a price You can afford.


                                              SAN  PABLO  MINI  STORAGE

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                                       AMERICAN  CANYON  MINI  STORAGE

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                                                 CAL  SELF  STORAGE  HAYWARD

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                                                     780  MINI  STORAGE

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